The High Technology Council

The High Technology Council unites key market players to more quickly and effectively bring venture-backed, commercially developed technologies to bear on government-funded national security missions.

The first enterprise consortium of its kind, the HTC has a single goal: the development and growth of the dual-use (commercial and government) technology ecosystem and the business opportunities it presents.

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Join the council enhancing commercial access to national security opportunities!


  • Non-traditional technology companies and start-ups with proven funding and demonstrated government demand for their products/services
  • Venture capital firms
  • Enabling partners with expertise tailored to the dual-use technology market (including banks, law firms, cloud providers, and more)


  • Experience in navigating the many differences between government acquisition and doing business in the commercial sector
  • HTC quarterly growth and networking events that educate members about government market idiosyncrasies, including security, cloud computing, and foreign investment


  • Find new partners and customers
  • Acquire additional government work through the HTC’s established pathways
  • Develop new solutions and integrate new technologies into old platforms
  • Reduce time to market, overhead, and business development costs
  • Grow sales and market share

Membership Benefits

  • Free entry to all HTC events
  • Sponsorship opportunities for HTC quarterly growth and networking events and Annual Offset Symposia
  • Discounted products from HTC enabling partners

Annual dues are $500 for all members


Help Shape the Future with HTC

Your membership in HTC will allow you to learn from others and share your expertise through:

  • The Offset Symposium
  • Quarterly growth and networking events that educate members about key issues including security, cloud computing, and foreign investment
  • Contributed articles in leading publications
  • Participation in speaking events and other forums

HTC, through Second Front Systems, also provides:

  • Planning and execution for senior leadership delegations
  • Support for innovation events and competitions

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Leverage our signature approach to propel your success in the rapidly growing dual-use (commercial and government) technology ecosystem.