Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Thursday, December 10, 2020

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Launched by Second Front in 2017, the Offset Symposium promotes constructive engagement between the venture-backed innovation ecosystem, traditional defense base, academia, and national security mission users to accelerate the development and scaling of new technologies for national security.

This year’s Offset Symposium theme is Biosecurity. Why Biosecurity? In the US alone, COVID-19 has infected over 10M people, causing 250,000 deaths, and trillions in economic disruption. Pandemic response is just one aspect of biosecurity. Health, economic, and national security are now intertwined. Beyond COVID, McKinsey & Co. forecasts that the bioeconomy will produce $2-4T in annual economic impact by 2030. Biosecurity is now an undeniable enabler of the Third Offset.

Second Front has partnered with the Defense Entrepreneurs Forum and the Defense Innovation Network to bring you this event. We are bringing together members of the defense community, biosecurity subject matter experts, and entrepreneurs and venture capitalists building the bioeconomy.


Biosecurity Insights Report

In conjunction with the 2020 Offset Symposium, we produced a Biosecurity Report to collect insights from our participants and share with those who can leverage our findings. Forthcoming advances – particularly in synthetic biology (the convergence of biology and engineering) and computational biology (the application of advances in big data and artificial intelligence to biology) – will have profound implications for national security and geopolitical competition. Download the report now to explore everything from cyberbiosecurity to the societal considerations of emerging biotechnology, and everything in between.



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Day 1 – Wednesday December 9th

Day 2 – Thursday December 10th

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