Agile, Lightweight Systems Integration

Second Front Systems’ agile, lightweight systems integration methodology speeds deployment of venture capital (VC)-backed, commercially developed technologies to government-funded national security missions.

Accelerate Delivery of Emerging Commercial Technologies for National Security

Second Front applies deep experience and connections in the national security, advanced technology, and VC communities to program management and system integration best practices.

Our signature approach propels our customers and partners to success in the rapidly growing dual-use (commercial and government) technology ecosystem.

Fielding Methodology

Second Front’s proven frameworks deliver cutting-edge technology to warfighters more quickly and cost-effectively because we:

  • Find emerging companies with proven funding and demonstrated government demand for their products and services
  • Adapt these technologies as hybrid commercial off-the-shelf/government off-the-shelf (COTS/GOTS) technology solutions that work with existing infrastructure
  • Harness the private sector’s rapid iteration cycles and growing research funding
  • Leverage existing commercially focused national security programs, pilot projects, exercises, and rapid acquisition channels to ensure usability and relevance


Second Front offers the following services as either a prime contractor or subcontractor:

Program Management

  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Technology Scanning/Scouting
  • Innovation Tourism Guide

Systems Integration

  • Solutions Architecture
  • Systems Development/Security/ Operations
  • Cloud Deployment

Customer & Partner Benefits

Non-traditional Tech Companies & Start-ups

  • Cross the “Valley of Death” and proactively overcome common obstacles to tech transition
  • Leverage experience in navigating the many differences among government acquisition, commercial, and VC practices

National Security Partners

  • Develop new solutions and integrate new technologies into old platforms
  • Enable enduring security, modularity, and upgradeability
  • Avoid vendor lock and other common obstacles to agile solution delivery

Traditional Defense Companies & Systems Integrators

  • Find new partners and customers
  • Engage early with promising, proven start-ups
  • Reduce time to market, overhead, and business development costs
  • Add innovation expertise to teams and proposals

Interested in our cutting-edge capabilities?

Leverage our signature approach to propel your success in the rapidly growing dual-use (commercial and government) technology ecosystem.